Policies & Guidelines

Food & Nutrition

Cats are obligated Carnivores. Meat only Diet is recommended by us fits our Cattery Standards.

Food that has high colouring, salt, with vegetable contents or preservatives are strongly not recommended.

Behaviour & Habits

No cat should live permanently in cage or ever in outdoors.

Our kittens rely on their owner by nature, We do hope you will provide as much love and companionship as possible.

No Dumping & Abandonment

Dumping and abandonment of animals is an Offence and a Cruel Act.

Act of transfer, sell or abandonment is a NO!

No refund & return policy


with the exception of when the kittens has serious illness at the point of sale OR if carries congenital illness (According to the contract clause)

Contract Agreement

A contract agreement is required to protect both party interests. The contract have legal consequences if the buyer do not comply with certain clause.

Please ensure the contract is read and fully understood before signing.

Compulsory Sterilization

To prevent unethical breeding and wellness of health for the cats. Cats should be neutered or spayed when kittens are 6 months of age.